Kayla Arias

Next Level

Next Level is a one-day experience designed to help high school students decide on their next steps after graduation. It helps connect students with organizations that are able to build long- lasting relationships and help prepare them for college. It also opens the door of communication between high school students and young working professionals.

On November 21, 2013, the students of The Renaissance Charter High School for Innovation were invited to engage in a discussion with a panel comprised of a college student and working professionals. They were invited to join the conversation via a live twitter feed or by raising their hand the good old-fashioned way. The panel was able to speak not only to the students but with them as well.

Next Level is more than simply speaking to students, more than your ordinary school fair, and more than just an event. Next Level is an experience that provides students with the tools and motivation to answer important questions like, “Is College for me?”


Fall 2013


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