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Discover & Create Beauty Tutorials

With Tresscove you can now create video tutorials and multi-step photo tutorials right on your mobile device! With our easy to use editing room, sharing tips with your friends is now as easy as posting a photo to your favorite social network. With the ability to follow your favorite content creators, discovering tutorials created by others is even easier. See something you love? Save it to your favorites and get back to it quickly!

Shop with Price Comparisons

What's even better is that everyone can tag products directly to posts. If you see a look you want to recreate, finding the products to do so is right at your fingertips. With our price comparisons, you can instantly find the best price for your purchase. Sweet!

  • “Instead of being told how to look, we can now empower each other with our own beauty secrets!“

    Kayla Arias
    CEO & Founder
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